Remove coupling of records integrated with Common Data Service in bulk

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Business value

Integrating data between Business Central and Common Data Service gives you a unified view of the data that you share across your Dynamics 365 applications. When testing an integration in a sandbox environment, or deleting a company in production, mistakes can happen and you need to be able to easily recover from them by removing couplings between records in Business Central and Common Data Service.

Feature details

When something goes wrong in an integration between Business Central and Common Data Service and you need to uncouple records to stop synchronizing them, you can do so for multiple records at a time. Previously, you had to delete couplings for each record one at a time. This release offers two ways to bulk-remove couplings. On the Integration Table Mappings page, you can choose Uncoupling, and then Delete Coupling. Alternatively, on the Coupled Data Synchronization Errors page, you can choose the errors and then choose Remove Couplings.

Shows Integration Table Mappings page with Uncoupling action group

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