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End users, automatically This feature is released. Aug 10, 2020 Oct 2020

Business value

When navigating to Business Central or opening up the app in another browser window, users expect only a brief waiting time until the app loads and is ready for interaction.

Feature details

Users will find that the Role Center home page is now quicker to open when signing in to Business Central. The structure of the page is shown first, giving context until data is loaded.

Based on the success of technical performance improvements made available throughout 2020 release wave 1, where pages are cached to the user's browser storage, we are extending this ability also to the Role Center. Technically, the rendered Role Center is now cached the first time it is opened. This is done without persisting any business data or sensitive information to the user's device. The next time the Role Center opens, it will immediately render from the cache while the latest data is fetched from the service.

While it is busy fetching data from the service, Business Central displays a spinner in the middle of the Role Center. Users can activate links and navigate to other pages once data has completed loading.

A role center with signature spinner and other visual cues indicating data is still loading

Business Central customers using kiosks, where multiple users may sign in to that terminal with their own identity, are advised to apply private browsing or browser profiles to ensure an appropriate level of isolation between users. While no data from one user will be shown to another, this ensures that the Role Center layout cached to the browser is not briefly shown to the next user signing in to that same browser.

Try it out

Already available to Insider Builds, experiencing the improved speed is as easy as signing in to your Business Central Role Center home page ... twice.

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