Use the Copy Journal function on Posted General Journals and control date for reversing entries in Recurring General Journals


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users, automatically Aug 2020 Oct 2020

Business value

When working with large journals, it is important to have an easy way to correct mistakes. The Copy Journals function helps your accountant be more productive when correcting mistakes.

Also, when posting accruals at the end of the period, it is important to be able to have full control over reversal entries without much hassle. The Reversal Date Calculation helps your accountants be more in control when handling accruals in recurring general journals.

Feature details

You can choose to Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines in General Journal Templates to enable copying of journals to Posted General Journal. You can also enable or disable Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines on a specific Journal Batch that belongs to General Journal Template where Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines was enabled.

On the Posted General Journal page, you can now use the Copy Journal function to create a copy of a general journal line or a batch with opposite signs (a reversing journal), a different posting date or document number. On Recurring General Journals, you can now control the date that reversal entries will be posted where Reversal Recurring Methods are used.

Shows General Journal Templates with Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines field

Shows Posted General Journal page

Shows Recurring General Journal with Reversal Calculation Date

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