SAT integration for Brazil


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - Jul 2021

Business value

Registration of electronic fiscal documents for retail sales in an integrated SAT device (Sistema Autenticador e Transmissor de Cupons Fiscais Eletrônicos) is one of the fiscal registration methods available to retailers in the São Paulo state of Brazil. The feature includes the generation of CF-e electronic fiscal documents (Cupom Fiscal eletrônico, model 59) for sales transactions in retail point of sale (POS) and registration of the electronic fiscal documents in the SAT fiscal device.

Feature details

This feature enables fiscal registration of retail sales in a SAT device connected to a hardware station. It takes advantage of the fiscal integration framework, meaning it supports all of the built-in fiscal integration capabilities. It is included in the out-of-the-box solution but must be configured to be used.

The generation of the electronic fiscal document model 59 (CF-e) is based on an Electronic reporting configuration and is done by the electronic reporting runtime engine that is part of the Commerce runtime.

The feature currently does not support customer orders that are picked up in POS. Support for the customer order pickup operation will be added later.