System monitoring and diagnostics for e-commerce


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Jul 2021 Sep 2021

Business value

Access to system diagnostic logs allows much better visibility for IT administrators and enables improved time to detection, time to mitigation, and time to resolution of live-site incidents. IT administrators are able to determine key contributing factors of incidents, which allows for targeted engagement with Microsoft support teams, or with implementation partners, ISVs, or other stakeholders.

System health visibility also allows IT administrators to provide more informed support to their users. For instance, when fielding a support call from a website visitor, an IT administrator can easily pinpoint when exactly the issue occurred, whether the issue was caused by an extension, and whether the issue is widespread or limited to specific e-commerce channels. In addition, the IT administrator can determine issue resolution as soon as the issue is resolved. IT administrators can also configure alerts for specific system health conditions to be proactively notified.

Feature details

This feature enables IT administrators to access diagnostic logs in Application Insights for e-commerce components. The following event types are included:

  • Page views (all page views).
  • All dependencies.
  • Background calls (modeled as page view dependencies), both from browser and NodeJS.
  • User displayed error messages (modeled as exceptions), including 404 pages.
  • Multistage cart operations (modeled as page view dependencies).

Using these events, IT administrators can troubleshoot any customer-reported issues or proactively monitor the system for specific error conditions and thresholds.