Experiment with the next action in a journey to optimize for results


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Apr 2021 - -

Business value

Dynamics 365 Marketing now enables customers to optimize their customer journeys by creating A/B tests with the same message across different channels, different messages altogether, or any next action. This adds to the existing capability for marketers to be able to test two variants of the same message together in a customer journey. With the new set of A/B testing tools, marketers can confidently deliver the most engaging messages through the best channels and increase the ROI of their journeys.

Feature details

  • Test any two variants against one another: different channels with the same message, different messages with the same channel, different channels with different messages, slight variants of the same message (with different subject lines or content), or any actions in the customer journey.
  • The winning metric can be message-specific (for example, email clicked), or a journey goal (for example, cart checkout); the latter allows you to choose a winning variant that truly increases the journey goal attainment.
  • Control the audience distribution between the two variants.
  • End the test automatically once a winning variant is declared, or end the test at a date specified.
  • Choose to send a default version if a clear winner is not declared by the date specified.

Preview features will be available in North America and Europe regions. Other regions will be supported at the time of general availability.