Prioritization rules for work items used in agent assignment


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Business value

As part of the assignment stage, work items might have different properties that determine which order they need to be assigned in. Specifying prioritization rules will ensure work items coming into the queue are assigned in the correct order.

Feature details

Prioritization rule set is an ordered list of rules that helps ensure incoming work items are assigned in the correct order. Every prioritization rule represents a priority bucket in the queue. In a prioritization rule you can specify a set of conditions and 'order by' attributes. During evaluation, the prioritization rules will be run in the order they are listed. For the first prioritization rule, the work items in the queue that match its conditions will be put in the same priority bucket. In that bucket the items will be further sorted by the order specified in the prioritization rule. The second rule will run on the rest of the items in the queue, to identify the next priority bucket, and sort that bucket by the 'order by' attribute, and so on.