Automatic creation of lot and serial number information cards


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Users, automatically Mar 2021 Apr 2021

Business value

Some industries not only need to track lot and serial numbers, they also need additional information about them. To support that, Business Central offers the Lot No. Information and SN Information pages, where you can add notes, such as information about the quality of a lot, and block the use of numbers if needed. These pages are often extended for specific industries. You can create these pages to add details directly while you create item tracking lines. Alternatively, if you create lot and serial numbers in bulk, you can add details automatically when you post inventory transactions.

Feature details

To create an information card when you post journals or documents, go to the Item Tracking Code page and turn on the toggle for Create SN Info. on posting or Create Lot No. Info on posting. For even more control, go to the Item Tracking Lines page and use the New SN Information Card or New Lot Information Card actions. If you create serial numbers in bulk by using the Create Customized SN or Assign Serial No. actions, you can enable Create SN Information and an information card will be created for each tracking line.

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Customized serial number

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