Return record link instead of name when using lookups


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Feb 2021 Apr 2021

Business value

A common application scenario when typing in information is to allow a user to pick an entity based on find-as-you-type. This means entering part of the number, name, or description, getting a short list of possible matches, and then making a selection.

Until now, only the full value of the matched field would be returned, requiring the application to find the entity to link to by matching it with the value. If this was not a unique name, it could lead to the wrong entity being selected.

Now, instead of returning only the matched value, it will be possible to get information on the actual, selected record in the trigger, to ensure unique references.

Feature details

When the user selects entries in lookup triggers, it will be possible in AL to retrieve the record link of the chosen entry, instead of just the name.