Customer segmentation and targeting

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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables organizations to increase customer engagement and satisfaction by using tools in site builder to target specific customer segments with different experiences based on the shopper’s device, geo-location, and other dynamically derived attributes from the shopper's browser request.

Feature details

This feature will enable segmentation of customer data such as device type, geo-location, market, or language, gathered from the customer's web browser. Site builder can then be used to generate audience groupings that can be applied to campaigns and experiments across the digital commerce channel.

Content variants can be authored in site builder and associated with targeting rules to ensure easy authoring with powerful results.

Segmented targeting will support page layouts and content-based scenarios within site builder.

Easily create and manage customer audiences directly in the Dynamics 365 Commerce Site Builder.

Use rules to tailor customer audiences to meet precise business needs and increase conversion rates.

Easily select or create targeted activities in the Dynamics 365 Site Builder’s visual page builder.

Select which audiences will receive a differentiated marketing experience.

Select a date and time for the targeted activity to go into effect for your customers.

Edit the differentiated marketing experience directly in visual page builder.

Preview and share the differentiated marketing experience with colleagues before it goes live.

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