Support item requirement for projects with multiple funding sources for stocked/production-based scenarios


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - Mar 31, 2022

Business value

Business users can sell items with fixed-price projects that are funded by multiple customers.

Feature details

While working with a project, you may need to acquire an item from a third party to use in the project. To do this, you'll need to create an item requirement on the project that can be picked up from the inventory and billed from your project.

Every billable project has a contract associated with it. This contract may have funding sources to provide funding for the contract, and therefore the project. The most common scenario is where a customer is the funding source. This implies that what you're billing in a project is billed to this customer.

In some cases, a project may have more than one funding source associated with it. In this case, you define rules to specify how much cost and revenue goes to which funding source. In the current system, there is no way to create item requirements for such projects. The main goal of this is to add functionality to support creating item requirements for such projects with multiple funding sources.