Improving leads quality with data hygiene


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Enabled for Public preview Early access General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Nov 2021 - Jan 2022

Business value

Sellers today often lose time engaging with the wrong leads, struggling with a busy pipeline with irrelevant records, and unable to find the customers that are more likely to close. Ensuring that only quality leads are being assigned to sellers, with accurate data that enables personalized interactions, will save sellers valuable time and allow them to close more business opportunities.

Feature details

Automated process based on AI engine to achieve the following:

  • Detection mechanism:

    • Duplicates detection.
    • False or invalid leads detection.
    • Detection of leads-related records (including account or contact resolution).
    • Detection of leads' additional available data.
  • Enable automated actions upon detection of any of the above:

    • Update, close, or delete a lead.
    • Merge two (or more) leads.
    • Notify user about detection (seller or admin).
  • Configuration: User ability to choose and define a lead’s characteristics for detection and type of actions as a result.

  • User-based decision or resolution interaction (advanced merge and advanced enrichment capability).