Target the right contacts and leads using the reimagined, easy-to-use segmentation builder


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Enabled for Public preview Early access General availability
Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Jun 2022 - To be announced

Business value

To improve marketing return on investment, it's important to target the right audience. This can often be complicated, requiring marketers to understand database and SQL concepts and operators. The new segmentation builder simplifies segment creation and empowers you to build segments for your campaigns without requiring assistance from data analysts or scientists, no matter how complex the logic. You can build segments on leads, without requiring the lead to have a parent contact. You can then market to these leads directly using customer journeys. Finally, the segmentation builder enables you to take an iterative approach to building the segment logic through member previews that populate as you build the segment.

Feature details

  • Directly create segments based on attribute data for both contacts and leads.
  • Discover and search across all attributes in the right pane and add them to your queries.
  • Preview and estimate the number of segment members as part of your segment creation process.

Easily author personalized content with predefined tokens.