Organizations can apply Dynamics 365 template for Sales when creating shared workspaces in Teams to collaborate effectively


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Enabled for Public preview Early access General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Sep 2022 - To be announced

Business value

Digital workspaces have proliferated over the past few years, but largely exist outside the context of business data, resulting in inefficiencies on both ends of a business process—inability to quickly assemble the right people with the right information or valuable customer context lost in a chat that never feeds back into the source of truth.

With Deal room template, organizations can seamlessly set up structured workspaces, streamline team creation, and access relevant business data in context of their collaborative activities.

Feature details

  • Sellers can apply a Deal room template to opportunities. This creates an organized workspace in Teams with predefined channels, prepinned apps, and starter document organization structure.
  • Administrators can configure Deal room template and customize it to meet the needs of their organizations.
  • Deal room template comes with a first-run experience that helps members acquaint themselves to the features of the workspace in Teams.
  • Deal room template comes with a set-up wizard that recommends members to add to the workspace.