Some of the functionality described in this release plan has not been released. Delivery timelines may change and projected functionality may not be released (see Microsoft policy). Learn more: What's new and planned

Onboarding is a key focus in every release wave. The aim is to make the onboarding of new customers faster, but also the onboarding of new users. In the most recent release waves, we have removed some of the friction in the onboarding of new customers by empowering partners to deliver uniform onboarding experiences at scale. This way, our partners can deliver more valuable services to their customers. Partners can use a combination of in-product artifacts, such as the Get Started checklist, teaching tips, configuration packages, and assisted setups.

In 2022 release wave 1, onboarding to Dynamics 365 Business Central will be even easier because we will focus on people-centric experiences. Business Central becomes able to provide easy access to context-specific content. This way, we flatten the learning curve and unblock individual users in performing their business processes. Users will also be guided to understand how they can personalize Business Central to their needs.

The access to the context-specific content will be powered by a new and modern Help pane similar to that of other Microsoft offerings. The context-specific content that users get access to through the Help pane will include Microsoft-hosted content and partner-hosted content so that the Help pane is the go-to place to get unblocked.

Additionally, teaching tips will be able to include clickable links so that page- and control-level teaching tips can refer to documentation or other in-app pages.