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Business value

Keep your sellers informed about possible shipment delays, inventory shortages, or other changes to the sales quotes and orders that you synchronize between Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Feature details

You can now synchronize sales orders between Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales in both directions. For example, if a customer changes their mind about the product or quantity they ordered in Sales, you can automatically process the change to the order in Business Central by archiving the sales document and creating a new one. The same is true for changes in Business Central. For example, when prices, tax amounts, or expected shipment dates change, the changes are automatically synchronized to Sales. That helps keep your sellers up-to-date with the latest changes and the status of quotes and orders.

To enable synchronization of sales orders in both directions, choose the Enable Bidirections Sales Order Integration field on either the Dynamics 365 Connection Setup page or in the Set up a connection to Dynamics 365 Sales assisted setup guide.

When enabling bidirectional sales order integration in the assisted setup guide, Business Central will also automatically enable sales order archiving. If you use the Dynamics 365 Connection Setup page and you want to archive sales orders, choose Archive Orders on the Sales and Receivables page.

The Integration Table Mappings page contains new mappings for the sales order header and lines. When you set up the initial connection for Sales, you can synchronize active orders between Business Central and Sales by using the Full Synchronization or Match-based coupling actions.


This feature and existing sales order integrations are mutually exclusive. You can use one or the other, but not both.


You must have the Feature Update: Bidirectional Synchronization of Sales Orders feature enabled in the Feature Management page to use this capability.

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