Switch companies across environments


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users, automatically Sep 2022 Oct 2022

Business value

Business Central is ready to adapt to the needs of complex SMB organizations by organizing multiple companies across environments. While most employees are bound to a single company, some users need to view, edit, and compare data across companies. The 2022 release wave 2 makes it easier to get an overview of the companies and environments you have access to, and to rapidly switch contexts.

Feature details

  • Visual cues in the app bar help to quickly understand which company and environment you are currently working in.
  • Activate the company switcher pane from anywhere in Business Central, either from the app bar or using a keyboard shortcut.
  • Search for companies you have access to, grouped by environment including production and sandbox environments within your organization.
  • Switch company in the current browser tab, or open the selected company in a new tab to multitask or compare data side by side.

An illustration of the web client pane where users can easily switch companies across environments.

The experience and capabilities may vary between Business Central online and on-premises.

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