Quickstart - Get immediate insights into your customer service system's performance


This feature is in Public preview.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights lets you quickly connect to your existing Dynamics 365 customer service data to gain immediate insights into your system's performance. You can also explore with sample data.

To connect to your customer service data

  1. Launch Customer Service Insights in your browser to display the Connect your data screen. Customer Service Insights supports Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and Chrome browsers.

    Connect your data screen

  2. Select Dynamics 365 to create a workspace using Dynamics 365 customer service data. Customer Service Insights displays the Choose an environment screen.

    Choose an environment screen

    For more information on working with workspaces, see Use workspaces to connect to different customer service environments.

  3. Click the Dynamics 365 environment that contains the customer service data that you want to use.

    Customer Service Insights configures the workspace to use the environment you selected and displays the environment's customer service data in the KPI Summary dashboard.

    KPI summary dashboard

You can gain a variety of insights from the Customer Service Insights dashboards. For example, AI Insights charts help you identify support cases that have the most impact on your system.

If you want to explore working with the dashboards using sample data before connecting to live data, use the Customer Service Insights built-in demo workspace. To open the demo workspace, select demo workspace on the Connect your data screen.

Demo workspace

For more information about how to use the dashboards and sample data, see Work with Customer Service Insights dashboards.

For more information and examples of how to use the Customer Service Insights dashboards to help you identify areas for improvement, see Identify areas for improvement in your customer service system.

For details on the Customer Service Insights dashboards, see the following topics:

For information about improving the results shown by AI Insights charts on the dashboards, see Improve data quality by cleansing support case titles.