Enable coming soon features

Sometimes "coming soon" features that change the look, feel, or functionality of the application are added to conversation intelligence before the formal release.

As an administrator, activating Coming soon mode gives users in your organization early access to these new features, allowing them to share feedback with us before the changes are formally released.


If you’ve already enabled Coming soon mode during your first-run setup, you’re not required to enable it again; however, you can disable Coming soon mode in your organization if you don’t wish to experience the new features that are yet to be released.

Follow these steps to enable previews:

  1. Review the prerequisites. To learn more, see Prerequisites to configure conversation intelligence.

  2. Open the Conversation intelligence application.

  3. Select the Settings icon on the top-right of the page and then select Settings.

    Select settings option

  4. On the Settings page, select Coming soon.

    Select coming soon option

  5. To enable, select Get early access to new features before they’re released to all our customers and then select Save.

    Coming soon feature enabled

    The Coming soon mode is enabled. Users in your organization can try out the new features that will be released later.

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