Overview of Dynamics 365 assistant application for Teams

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In a fast-moving world, as a salesperson, you need to be on top of daily sales activities so that you can close deals and maintain proper communications with the customer. The Dynamics 365 assistant app provides sellers with timely and in-context intelligent guidance across the sales journey so that sellers can spend more time building relationships with their customers.

The Dynamics 365 assistant app is available on Microsoft Teams as part of the existing Dynamics 365 app. The app provides sellers with a simple-to-use experience by combining data from multiple sources such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

This application enables you to:

  • Prepare for your day: Receive a digest of upcoming customer engagements and key information, all in a single place. Gain access to personalized insights during every phase of your sales motion.

  • Prepare for meetings: Arrive at the meeting informed and prepared by reviewing a summary of customer interactions across the team. Learn who in your company knows attendees to benefit from friendly introductions and receive talking points based on past conversations, all helping to build rapport and start the meeting with no difficulty. To learn more, see Working with meetings.

  • Take the next best action: Get proactive suggestions for the next best action to ensure nothing falls between the cracks. To learn more, see Use assistant to guide customer communications.

  • Capture meeting notes: Instead of typing notes into Dynamics 365 Sales once you are back at the office, use your phone to capture notes right after the meeting, while on the go, ensuring every task is captured and addressed.

  • Transform business cards into contacts: Save time it takes to manually enter contacts with the new business card scanner. Easily use your phone's camera to capture business cards. Analyze and save relevant information as new contacts directly in Dynamics 365.

You or an administrator can add this application on Microsoft Teams. To learn more, see Install Dynamics 365 assistant application on Microsoft Teams.

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