Know conversation starters for your customers

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.1.0.

As a sales representative, you interact with many customers and it can be difficult to remember details about each, such as:

  • Latest entertainment event they attended.
  • Favorite sports or games they watch.
  • Vacations they had taken.

In Dynamics 365 Sales, Talking points provides a mechanism to automatically identify such conversation starters from your emails. The conservation starters include topics that are related to sports, vacation, family, and entertainment. These insights are available on the contact page.


The system administrator configures which categories of Talking points should be displayed in your organization.

Talking point


If you do not see Talking points in the summary of the contact page, contact your administrator to enable it. More information: Configure and enable sales insights add-on.

Let's say for example a customer sent you an email about a recent vacation in which he enjoyed skiing. Dynamics 365 analyzes the email and automatically categorizes it to sports. This text will appear in the Talking points tile in the sports category.

Talking point sample

Select each topic icon on the Talking points to navigate. This helps you to start a conversation with your customer and you can choose your customer’s area of interest. Select the Chevron icon to view the complete message of a topic. If you want to view all the topics in the Talking points tile as a list, select the list icon.

Talking point in list view

Talking points will display only the latest communication for each topic on the tile. For example, you received an email about a baseball game yesterday and you received another email today about football. The sports topic in the Talking points will be updated with the mail you received about football.

Privacy notice

For specific privacy information about Dynamics 365 Sales Insights capabilities for sellers, see Privacy notice.

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