Understand forecast projections by using trend charts

The Trend chart shows how each forecast amount is trending over time, comparing it against the period end prediction and quota. A separate predicted realization line is automatically created to project future revenue over time.


The Trend chart is available as part of the predictive forecasting feature. Verify that predictive forecasting is enabled for your organization. To learn more, see About premium forecasting.

View trend charts

  1. Sign in to the Sales Hub app.

  2. At the bottom of the site map, select the Change area icon, and then select Sales.

  3. Under Performance, select Forecasts.

  4. Select a forecast, and choose a forecast period for the forecast.

  5. Select the Trend tab.

    A line chart is displayed with the comparison between the forecast categories until the present day.

Understand trend charts


Columns available for trending can be configured in the forecast configuration. To learn more, see configure columns.

The following screenshot shows an example of a trend chart.

Trend chart

When you hover over a forecast category in the legend, the trend line of the forecast category gets highlighted.

You can also view the summary of a forecast category at a given time by hovering over the trend line. The summary displays the date, forecast category, and aggregated opportunity amount.

If you don't want to view any forecast category on the chart, select the forecast category on the legend and the forecast category will be grayed out. To view it again on the chart, select the forecast category.

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