Using Dynamics 365 Business Central as Power BI Data Source for Building Reports

You can make your Dynamics 365 Business Central data available as a data source in Power BI and build powerful reports of the state of your business.

You must have a valid account with Business Central and with Power BI. Also, you must download Power BI Desktop. For more information, see Quickstart: Connect to data in Power BI Desktop.

To add Business Central as a data source in Power BI Desktop

  1. In Power BI Desktop, in the left navigation pane, choose Get Data.
  2. On the Get Data page, choose Online Services, choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and then choose the Connect button.
  3. Power BI displays a wizard that will guide you through the connection process. You will be prompted to sign into Business Central. Select Sign in and choose the account you would like to sign in as. This should be the same account you sign into Business Central with.
  4. Choose the Connect button to continue. The Power BI wizard shows a list of Microsoft Business Central environments, companies and data sources. These data source represent all the web services that you have published from each tenant/company in Business Central.
  5. Alternatively, create a new web service URL in Business Central by using the Create Data Set action on the Web Services page, using the Set Up Reporting Assisted Setup guide, or by choosing the Edit in Excel action in any lists.
  6. Specify the data you want to add to your data model, and then choose the Load button.
  7. Repeat the previous steps to add additional Business Central, or other data, to your Power BI data model.


Once you have successfully connected to Business Central, you will not be prompted again to sign in.

Once the data is loaded it will appear in the right navigation on the page. At this point, you have successfully connected to your Business Central data and are ready to begin building your Power BI report.

Before building your report, we recommend that you import the Business Central theme file. The theme file will create a color palette so that you can build reports with the same color styling as the Business Central apps without requiring you to define custom colors for each visual.

For more information, see the Power BI documentation.

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