Auditing Changes in Business Central

You can enable the change log in Business Central so you have a history of activities. The log is based on changes that are made to data in the tables that you track. On the Change Log Entries page, entries are chronologically ordered and show changes that are made to the fields on the specified tables. The change log collects all changes that are made to the table.


A user's changes are not visible in the Change Log Entries until the user's session is restarted, which happens in the following cases:

  • The session expired and was refreshed.
  • The user selected another company or Role Center.
  • The user signed out and back in.

Working with the Change Log

A common problem in many financial systems is to locate the origin of errors and changes in data. It could be anything from an incorrect customer telephone number to an incorrect posting to the general ledger. The change log lets you track all direct modifications a user makes to data in the database. You must specify each table and field that you want the system to log, and then you must activate the change log.

You activate and deactivate the change log on the Change Log Setup page. When a user activates or deactivates the change log, this activity is logged, so you can always see which user deactivated or reactivated the change log.

On the Change Log Setup page, if you choose the Tables action, you can specify which tables you want to track changes for, and which changes to track. Business Central also tracks a number of system tables.

After you have set up the change log, activated it, and made a change to data, you can view and filter the changes on the Change Log Entries page. If you want to delete entries, you can do that on the Delete Change Log Entries page, where you can set filters based on dates and time.

Working with Activity Logs

From some pages in Business Central, you can view an activity log that shows the status and any errors from files that you export from or import into Business Central.

The information is displayed in the Activity Log page, according to the context that it is opened from. You can open the window from the Document Exchange Service Setup, Incoming Document, Posted Sales Invoice, and Posted Sales Credit Memo pages, for example. You can empty the list of log entries, or just clear the list of entries older than 7 days.

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