Troubleshooting Integration with Microsoft Flow - Request URL Too Long

You can use your Business Central data as part of a workflow in Microsoft Flow.


You must have a valid account with Business Central and with Flow.

If you are creating a Microsoft Flow using the Business Central connector, you may receive an error message stating that the requsted URL is too long after creating the flow, such as the following: RequestUriTooLong.


For a flow to trigger, it looks for changes in your data. When determining if your data has changed, the connectors compare the cached data to the new data requested from the source.

If the data request creates a URL that is too long, it will fail. Common causes may include:

  • Generally, any source table with over 250 rows
  • Source tables containing multiple thousands of records


Follow these steps as a workaround.

  1. Choose to edit the flow that is failing.
  2. Expand the Show advanced options on the flow trigger.
  3. In the Skip Count field, enter the number of records to skip.
    For example, if the table that you are using as a data source has 4,000 records, enter 4,000 as the number of records to skip.
  4. Update your flow.


The connector is currently in Beta. Updates to how data changes are targeted for a future release.

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