Unsubscribe or Remove Business Central

If you want to stop using Business Central, you can close your account or get the license removed from your account. The steps to take are different if you are currently using the free trial, or if you have a subscription.

Closing your free trial of Business Central

If you signed up for the free trial and do not want to continue with Business Central, you can close your account at any time. We recommend that you export any data before you close your account.

You must ask your Microsoft 365 administrator to remove the trial subscription from your company's account in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

If you signed up for Business Central using a non-Microsoft 365 business account, you do not have an Microsoft 365 administrator. Instead, you must unsubscribe by contacting the Business Central Cancelation team by sending an email message at cancelbusinesscentra@microsoft.com. You must include the name of your Business Central tenant in the message so that we can identify you. You can find this information in the Help and Support page. For more information, see Resources for Help and Support.

Unsubscribing by removing Business Central from your Microsoft 365 experience

If your company subscribes to Business Central but you as a user no longer want access, you must ask your administrator or your Dynamics 365 reselling partner to remove the Business Central license from your Microsoft 365 user account. If Business Central is removed from your user account, and your company continues the subscription, your coworkers will still have access to your shared data in the Business Central company.

If your company wants to unsubscribe from Business Central, the Dynamics 365 reselling partner can remove the paid subscription from the company's account. For more information, see Administration of Business Central Online in the developer and IT-pro content.

User accounts and licenses are managed in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Only administrators can remove Business Central licenses from user accounts or remove the subscription from your company's account.

Removing Business Central from your app launcher

If you want to hide Business Central from your app launcher, you can quite simply unpin it. This does not remove any data, and it does not cancel your subscription.

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