Service Compliance

This content contains information about service compliance in relation to Business Central.

Business Central is a cloud service with a global reach and scale running on one of the World's largest hyperscale infrastructures, Microsoft Azure, with datacenters in regions all over the World. Running a cloud service also imposes the need to conform to certain standards in security and compliance, so from a service perspective Business Central lives up to the strict requirements in several ISO and industry specific certifications.

Please find the detailed list of Cloud compliance offerings for Business Central here.

If you are interested in the complete list of compliance offerings from Microsoft, see Microsoft Trust Center.

Service Terms

Business Central online is governed under the Modern Lifecycle Policy. The service level agreement terms are described in the document that you can download from the Service Level Agreements for Microsoft Online Services section on the Licensing terms page.

Furthermore, you can monitor your tenant's health and specify upgrade windows in the Tenant Administration Center.

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