Onboarding experiences in Business Central

Setting up Business Central for a customer usually involves manual setup from the partners' side. Often this setup time is spent on basic settings that do not provide additional value to the specific customer but are more generic and address the customer's industry or type of business. This is costly for the customer and can be a bottleneck for you as a partner.

Microsoft provides tools you can use to help speed up this process and enable the customer to more easily learn how to use the product and get to productive usage faster. This will save costs on the customer side and free up your consultants' time.

The onboarding framework in Business Central enables any partner to deliver onboarding experiences in a uniform manner. For customers this means that the methodology of setting up the system does not differ much from partner to partner.

Onboarding elements at your disposal

In the following sections you find descriptions of components you can use when authoring onboarding experiences for your customers along with guidance to where and how to use them.

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