Environment Telemetry in the Business Central administration center

The Business Central administration center provides telemetry for the tenant environments to enable troubleshooting and support for the tenant. The Telemetry tab provides telemetry of top-level AL events, and any errors resulting from calls through the telemetry stack.

To filter the telemetry for an environment:

  1. Select a base point-in-time for the timestamp of the telemetry messages.
  2. Enter a number of minutes before or after the base point-in-time to set a range of time for the timestamp. A negative number indicates a number of minutes before the base point-in-time, and a positive number indicates a number of minutes following the base point-in-time. For example, a value of -15 filters messages to a timestamp range of up to 15 minutes before the base point-in-time.
  3. Choose the message type.
  4. Choose the environment.
  5. Select Filter.


If your users complain of a confusing error message such as Sorry, we just updated this page. Please close and reopen., then you can often find the underlying problem by analyzing telemetry in the Business Central administration center. For example, in the case of the Sorry, we just updated this page. Please close and reopen. message, the underlying problem is often that two users are trying to modify the same data. So if both users open the same sales order, and both change a field, then one of them will see the Sorry, we just updated this page. Please close and reopen. message, because Business Central saves changes as soon as you move to the next field or close the page.

Sending telemetry to Microsoft Azure Application Insights

APPLIES TO: Business Central 2019 release wave 2 and later

You can set up your environments to send telemetry to Application Insights. Application Insights is a service hosted within Azure that gathers telemetry data for analysis and presentation. For more information, see What is Application Insights?.

For an overview of the telemetry types that are currently emitted, see Monitoring and Analyzing with Telemetry.


Currently, emitting data to Azure Application Insights resources in Germany regions, like (Europe) Germany West Central or (Europe) Germany North , doesn't work. Until this issue is fixed, the mitigation is to create an Azure Application Insights resource in a region outside of Germany. Then, when the issue has been fixed, move the resource to the preferred region.

Enable Application Insights

  1. If you don't already have one, get a subscription to Microsoft Azure.

  2. Create an Application Insights resource in Azure.

    The Application Insights resource will be assigned an instrumentation key. Copy this key because you'll need it to enable Application Insights in the Business Central administration center.

    The Application Insights resource can be in any Azure tenant that is accessible to your organization. For example, a delegated administrator from the reselling partner is the person analyzing the telemetry. But this person might not have access rights the customer's Azure instance. This scenario enables the partner to send the telemetry to their own Application Insights instance.


    You can use the same Application Insights resource for multiple tenants and their different environments.

    For more information, see Create an Application Insights resource.

  3. In the Business Central administration center, select Environments, and then select the environment that you want to change.


    The next steps require a restart to the environment, which is triggered automatically after step 5. Plan to do this during non-working hours to avoid disruptions.

  4. On the Environment page, the Application Insights Key field shows if the environment already uses application insights.

    To enable application insights, choose the Define caption, and then, in the Set Application Insights Key pane, choose the Enable application insights field and enter the instrumentation key in the Instrumentation Key field.


    In version 15 and 16, to enable application insights, choose the Application Insights Key action, and then specify the instrumentation key.

  5. Choose the Save button.

Cleaning up settings

If the Application Insights resource is tied to your partner account, and you end the relationship with a customer where you have set up telemetry based on your account's instrumentation key, you must remove the instrumentation key while you still have access to that customer's Business Central administration center.

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