AL Code Actions

The AL Language extension offers users the option to help fix issues in code. Code Actions is a Visual Studio Code feature providing the user with possible corrective actions right next to an error or warning. If actions are available, a light bulb appears next to the error or warning. When the user clicks the light bulb (or presses Ctrl+.), a list of available Code Actions is presented.

In AL Language extension two code actions are available in the current version:

  • Multiple IF to CASE converting code action.
  • Spell check code action.

To enable AL Code Actions

  1. Open the Command Palette Ctrl+Shift+P and choose either User Settings or Workspace Settings depending on which scope you want the code actions to apply to.
  2. Enter the setting al.enableCodeActions to the settings file and set it to true: "al.enableCodeActions": true
  3. Save the settings file. You have now enabled code actions on your project.

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