Inspecting and Troubleshooting Pages

The Business Central Web client includes a page inspection feature that lets you get details about a page, providing insight into the page design, the different elements that comprise the page, and the source behind the data it displays. Page inspection helps you:

  • Learn the data model behind a page.
  • Discover pages and parts that can be reused in your application design.
  • Troubleshoot data issues without having to perform tasks like copying the production database, viewing the entire source table, or digging into SQL.
  • Debug the application, complementing Designer.

Working with Page Inspection

You start page inspection from the Help & Support page. Choose the question mark in the top right corner, choose Help & Support, and then choose Inspect pages and data. Or, you can just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1.

The Page inspection pane opens on the side. The following figure illustrates the Page Inspection pane on the Sales Order page.

Page Inspection

When the Page Inspection pane first opens, it shows information that pertains to the main page object.

Use the keyboard or pointing device to move focus to different elements on the page. When you select a FactBox or a part on the main page, the bounding area is highlighted by a border, and the Page Inspection pane shows information about the selected element. For example, the previous figure shows information about the list part in the Sales Order page.

As you navigate to other pages in the application, the Page Inspection pane will automatically update with page information as you move along.

What Page Inspection Shows

In short, the page inspection pane shows the information for the main page or sub-page in a part, the page's source table (if any) and fields, extensions that affect the page, and current filters applied to the page. The following sections describe details about what is shown.


If you do not see all details described below, you might not have the required permissions. For more information, see Controlling Access to Page Inspection Details.


To copy the values of a field or entity under one of the tabs to the clip board, select the field or entity and press Ctrl+C.

The Page field shows information about the main page or a selected (highlighted) sub-page in a part. The field shows the following information:

Elements shown with limited information

  • Role Center pages

    If a page has the type Role Center, the Table field does not appear. Because the Role Center consists of several parts, there is no more information shown. To see more details, select the different parts that make up the Role Center.

  • Report request pages and previews

    If you open a report request page or preview for inspection, the only information that is shown in the Page Inspection pane is the report's name and ID.

  • System parts, such as Links or Notes, and parts containing charts.