Page Customization Object

The page customization object in Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to add changes to the page layout and actions. The page customization object has more restrictions than the page extension object; when you define a new page customization object, you cannot add variables, procedures, or triggers.


Extension objects can have a name with a maximum length of 30 characters.

Snippet support

Typing the shortcut tpagecust will create the basic layout for a page customization object when using the AL Language extension in Visual Studio Code.


Use Ctrl+Space to trigger IntelliSense and get assistance on code completion, parameter info, quick info, and member lists.

Page customization example

The following page customization example MyCustomization is intialized to perform changes to Customer List. By using the moveafter method, Blanket Orders is moved next to the Aged Accounts Receivable action item. And the modify method is used to hide the NewSalesBlanketOrder action item.

pagecustomization MyCustomization customizes "Customer List"
        moveafter("Blanket Orders"; "Aged Accounts Receivable")

            Visible = false;

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