IsolatedStorage.Set Method

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 2.0.

Sets the value associated with the specified key.


[Ok := ]  IsolatedStorage.Set(Key: String, Value: String [, DataScope: DataScope])


 Type: String
The key of the value to set.

 Type: String
The value that will be associated with the specified key.

 Type: DataScope
The scope of the stored data. If a value is not passed in, the default value DataScope::Module will be used.

Return Value

Ok  Type: Boolean true if the value was saved successfully, otherwise false. If you omit this optional return value and the operation does not execute successfully, a runtime error will occur.


The Set method initiates a write transaction, which means that it cannot be succeeded by code that opens a modal page. If you want to open a modal page, it must be done before the Set method is called.

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