XmlNamespaceManager Data Type

Represents a namespace manager that can be used to resolve, add and remove namespaces to a collection. It also provides scope management for these namespaces.

The following methods are available on instances of the XmlNamespaceManager data type.

Method name Description
NameTable([XmlNameTable]) Gets or sets the XmlNameTable associated with this object.
AddNamespace(String, String) Adds the given namespace to the collection.
HasNamespace(String) Gets a value indicating whether the supplied prefix has a namespace defined for the current scope.
LookupNamespace(String, var Text) Gets the namespace URI for the specified prefix.
LookupPrefix(String, var Text) Finds the prefix declared for the given namespace URI.
RemoveNamespace(String, String) Removes the given namespace for the given prefix.
PushScope() Pushes a namespace scope onto the stack.
PopScope() Pops a namespace scope off the stack.

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