AdditionalSearchTermsML Property

Specifies search terms (words and phrases) for the page or report in different languages. In addition to the caption of the page or report, the terms are used by the search feature (Tell me) in the Web client and mobile apps.


The support for using the ML properties is being deprecated, so it is recommended to refactor your extension to use the corresponding AdditionalSearchTerms property, which is being picked up in the .xliff file. For more information, see Working with Translation Files.


AdditionalSearchTermsML = <language ID> = '<term>[,<term>]'[, <language ID> = '<term>[,<term>]'];

Applies to

  • Page objects
  • Report objects

Property Values

Value Description
<language ID> The standard Windows three-letter language ID, such as ENU or DAN. Separate each language by a comma.
<term> The search word or phrase, which can consist of letters, numbers and special characters. Separate each term by a comma.


For Business Central on-premises, the Business Central Web Server configuration file (navsettings.json) includes a setting called UseAdditionalSearchTerms that enables or disables the use of additional search terms by the Tell me. For more information, see Configuring Business Central Web Server Instances.

Dependent Properties

The UsageCategory property must be set to a value other than None in order for the page to be searchable by Tell me.


The following code snippet uses the AdditionalSearchTermsML property to add search terms in English and Danish to a list page whose caption is Items.

page 50101 SearchTestML
    PageType = List;
    ApplicationArea = All;
    SourceTable = Item;
    UsageCategory = Lists;
    CaptionMl = ENU = 'Items, DAN ='Varer';
    AdditionalSearchTermsML = ENU = 'product, merchandise', DAN = 'produkter';

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