HorizontalShrink Property

Specifies whether the control add-in can dynamically decrease its width. This setting is optional.


Use this property when the visual content of the add-in is designed to remain usable when width is restricted.

Applies to

  • Control add-in objects

Property Values

True if the control add-in is allowed to shrink horizontally. The default value is false.


HorizontalShrink is typically used together with the MinimumWidth property. If HorizontalShrink is true but MinimumWidth is not set, the control add-in can shrink to nothing. When the add-in shrinks in size, the visual content must remain visible and accessible to users. To provide the best experience, consider implementing a responsive design that can adapt to reduced space and horizontal scrollbars.

Code Example

RequestedWidth = 600;
HorizontalShrink = true;
MinimumWidth = 100;

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