Importance Property

Specifies how a field appears on the FastTab of a page when the FastTab is expanded and collapsed.

Applies To

Page Fields

Property Values

Value Description
Standard Displays the field on the page by default. This is the default value.
Promoted Displays the field on the page and also in the header of the FastTab when the FastTab is collapsed.

If there is only one FastTab on the page, then this property has no effect because the FastTab cannot be collapsed.
Additional Hides the field by default. On a FastTab, to show the field, a user can choose Show more to display the field.


Importance = Additional;


You use this property to control the amount of information that is visible on a page. It is useful on pages that have a large number of fields, where you can display the most important fields by default, but users have the option to show more as needed.

As a developer, the Importance property can also be set also by using Designer (see Using Designer). In the client, users can change the setting for their workspace by using personalization (see Personalizing Your Workspace.

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