RequestedHeight Property

Version: Available or changed with runtime version 1.0.

RequestedHeight specifies the initial height of the control add-in.

Applies to

  • Control Add In

Value Type

  • Integer

Property Values

The default value is 100 pixels.


This setting is optional. You can use it when the visual content of the add-in is optimal at a specific size. If space is available on the page, the requested height will be applied. If the add-in must compete for space with other content on the page, such as a second add-in, then the RequestedHeight value is ignored and the add-in will shrink or stretch to the minimum or maximum height. The value of RequestedHeight is ignored if the add-in is the only content on a card page.


RequestedHeight = 300;
VerticalShrink = true;
MinimumHeight = 150;

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