Set Up Job Responsibilities for Contact Persons

You can add information about the job responsibilities of contact persons to indicate what the contact person is responsible for within their company, for example, IT, management, or production. You can use this information when entering information about your contacts.

Using job responsibilities on contacts is a two-step process. First, you define the job responsibility code. You only have to perform this step one time for each job responsibility. Once you have a job responsibility code, you can start to assign the code to contact persons.

To define a job responsibility code

The job responsibility code defines the type or category of the job, such a MARKETING or PURCHASE. You can have several job responsibility codes. To define the job responsibility, you use the Job Responsibilities window.

  1. Choose the Search for Page or Report icon, enter Job Responsibilities, and then choose the related link.
  2. Choose the New action, and fill in a code and description. The code can be a maximum of 11 characters, and can be any combination of numbers and letters.

To assign job responsibilities to a contact person

You cannot assign job responsibilities to contact companies.

  1. Open the contact person.
  2. Choose the Person action, and then choose the Job Responsibilities action. The Contact Job Responsibilities window opens.
  3. In the Job Responsibility Code field, select the job responsibility that you want to assign.

Repeat these steps to assign as many job responsibilities as you want. You can also assign job responsibilities from the contact list by following the same procedure.

The number of job responsibilities you have assigned to the contact is displayed in the No. of Job Responsibilities field in the Segmentation section in the Contact window.

After you have assigned job responsibilities to your contacts, you can use this information to select contacts for your segments. For more information, see Add Contacts to Segments.

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