Changing Basic Settings

In the My Settings window, you can see and change basic settings for Business Central.

Role Center

The Role Center represents the starting page and is designed for the needs of the role. The Role Center provides you with an overview of the business, reflecting the information, tasks, and priorities of your role.

Along the top of the Role Center, you see a navigation bar that gives you easy access to typical entities for the role, such as customers, vendors, items, and so on.

What appears in the main content area will depend on the specific Role Center. For example, on most Role Centers, you can find the Activities tiles that show current data and can be clicked or tapped for easy access to the selected document. Key Performance Indicators can be set up to display a selected chart for a visual representation of, for example, cash flow or income and expenses. Some Role Centers enable you to build a list of favorite entities, like customers and vendors, or show the Report Inbox.

To change Role Center

The default Role Center is Business Manager, but you can select another Role Center that fits your needs better.

  1. In the top right corner, choose the Settings icon Settings, and then choose My Settings.
  2. In the My Settings window, in the Role Center field, select the Role Center that you want to set as the standard. For example, select Accountant.
  3. Choose the OK button.


A company functions as a container for data in Business Central. There can be multiple companies in a database, but only one can be selected at a time.

The default company is called CRONUS and contains demonstration data only.


If you want to display a different name for your company in the application (such as on the Role Center), set the Name field on the Company Information page or the Display Name field on the Companies page.

Work Date

The default work date is usually today's date. You may have to temporarily change the work date to be able to perform tasks, such as completing transactions for a date that is not the current date.


Type w to quickly enter the work date in a date field. Write t to quickly enter the current date in the date field.


The work date is only changed until you close the company or until the date changes. If you open a different company or open the same company the next day and still have to use a different work date, then you must set the work date again.


The Region setting determines how dates, times, numbers, and currencies are shown or formatted.

Changing When I Receive Notifications

Choose this link to view or change the notifications that you get about certain events or changes in status, such as when you are about to invoice a customer who has an overdue balance, or the available inventory is lower than the quantity you are about to sell. For more information, see Smart Notifications.

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