Getting Ready for Doing Business

Congratulations, you have just initiated your first company in Business Central.

To help you get ready for doing business, you can visit the Assisted Setup page where you can launch assisted setup guides, videos, or help topics for selected setup tasks. To access the page, simply choose the Sprocket icon to open the Settings menu icon, and then the Assisted Setup action.

Alternatively, to open the list of assisted setup guides for any role, choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature icon, enter Assisted Setup, and then choose the related link.

Once you have migrated data, such as vendors, customers, and items from your existing financial system, you are ready to begin. But depending on your needs, consider if other assisted setup guides on the list can help you.

If an area is not covered by an assisted setup, choose the Sprocket icon to open the Settings menu icon, and then the Advanced Settings action. In Advanced Settings, the Manual Setup section provides access to setup pages where you can fill in setup fields for all areas manually. For more information, see also Setting Up Business Central.


The list of assisted setup guides, extensions, and services that are available differ depending on the user experience you choose for your company. The Essential experience gives access to fewer than the Premium experience does.

The first time you sign in, you use the Essential experience. For more information, see Change Which Features are Displayed.

When you have run an assisted setup guide, it is marked as Completed. To run the assisted setup guide, you choose the three dots, and then choose the Start Setup action.

Role Center

On the Role Center, you have an overview of the business. At the top, you see a navigation bar that gives you easy access to customers, vendors, items, and so on. In the center you find the Activities tiles. Activities show current data and can be clicked or tapped for easy access to the selected document.

The Key Performance Indicators can be set up to display a selected chart for a visual representation of, for example, cash flow or income and expenses. You can also build up a list of Favorite Customers on the Role Center for accounts that you do business with often or need to pay special attention to.

Use the arrows to collapse a part of the page and make more room to show specific data. At the top of the Role Center you will find all of the actions that can be applied to the current content. This too can be collapsed and you only need to click or tap within the collapsed area to view it again.


You can get back to the Role Center by selecting the company name in the upper left corner.

Company Information

Under Company Settings you can view and edit setup information about the current company, much of this was prefilled if you completed the Set Up Company assisted setup when signing up for Business Central. If you want to change the company logo, contact information, bank settings, or tax information, you can do it from this page.

Adding Users and Permissions

If you need to add more users, this is done from Microsoft 365 Admin Center. For more information, see Create Users According to Licenses.

When users are created in Microsoft 365, they can be imported into the Users page by using the Get Updates from Office 365 action. You can then proceed to assign permissions to users and to organize them in user groups. For more information, see Assign Permissions to Users and Groups.

Getting Help

In Business Central you will find tooltips that can help guide you through the various business processes. For each field tooltip, you can press Ctrl+F1 or choose the Learn more link to open Help for the page in question. The question mark in the upper right corner also points you to product Help.

Next Steps

Based on your migrated data, you can now proceed to create new sales or purchase documents. Use the Actions section of your Role Center to quickly create a new sales quote, sales invoice, sales order, purchase invoice, or payment registration.

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