Adding Extended Item Text

You can extend a standard text for items by adding extra lines, and you can set up conditions for use of the extra lines. You do this from item cards.

To define extended text for an item description

  1. Open the card for an item that you want to add extended text to, and then choose the Extended Text action.
  2. In the Code field, enter the code, and in the Description field, enter the desired text.
  3. Choose Extended Texts.
  4. Fill in the lines in the Extended Text window with the additional text.
  5. Fill in the Language Code field or the All Language Codes field if you use language codes.
  6. Fill in the Starting Date and Ending Date fields if you want to limit the dates on which the extended text is used.
  7. Select relevant check boxes for the document types where you want the extended text printed.
  8. Close the window.

To add an extended item text on a sales order line

  1. Open a sales order with a sales line for an item that has extended text defined. For more information, see Sell Products.
  2. Select the line in question, and then choose the Insert Ext. Text action.

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