Personalizing Your Workspace

You can customize, or personalize, your workspace to suit your work and preferences by changing pages so that they display only the information you need, where you need it. The personalization changes that you make will only affect what you see, not what other users see.

Depending on the type of page and what it includes, you can:

  • Add, move, and remove fields.
  • Add, move, and remove columns in a list.
  • Change the freeze pane of columns in a list. The freeze pane locks one or more columns to the left side of a list so that are always present, even when you scroll horizontally.
  • Adjust the width of columns in a list.
  • Move and remove Cues (tiles).
  • Move and remove parts. Parts are subdivisions or areas on a page that contain things like multiple fields, another page, a chart, or tiles.

To personalize a page

  1. In the upper-right corner, select the Settings icon, and then Personalize.

    The Personalizing banner appears at the top to indicate that you can start making changes.

    Personalize mode

  2. Go to a page that you want to personalize.

    If you see a lock icon in the banner, see Why the page is locked for more details.

  3. Point to an area that you want to personalize, such as a field or column header in a list. Anything that you can personalize is immediately highlighted with an arrow or border.

  1. Use this table to help make changes:

    What do you want to doHow to do it
    Move something, like a field, column in list, tile, or part Point anywhere on what you want to move, and drag it to its new location. The location is indicated by either a thick horizontal or vertical line.
    Remove somethingSelect the arrowhead, and choose Remove.
    Add a field or columnIn the Personalizing banner, choose More, and then choose Field.
    The Add Field to Page pane opens on the right. It lists the fields that you can add to the page. Fields marked as Placed are already on the page. Fields marked as Ready are not currently on the page.
    To add a field, drag it from the pane to the location that you want it. The location is indicated by either a thick horizontal or vertical line.
    Change the freeze pane in a list to another columnSelect the arrowhead of the column that you want as the last column of the freeze pane, and then choose Set Freeze Pane.

    If you want to set the freeze pane back to its original designed location, select the arrowhead for the current freeze pane column, and choose Clear Freeze Pane. Note: You cannot remove this freeze pane.
    Change the width of a columnIn the table header row, drag the column's right border.

    To maximize the column width to fit the longest line of text in the column, double-click the right border.


    You cannot make changes to a list if the list is shown as tiles. You must first switch the page to the list view by selecting the Show as list icon.

  2. You can continue to make changes on the same page or move to another page. Your changes are automatically saved as you make them. When you are done, in the Personalizing banner, choose Done.

Clear personalization to change a page back to its original layout

At some point, you might want to undo all the personalization changes that you have made to a page over time so that page looks like it did originally. To do this, in the Personalizing banner, choose More, and then Clear personalization.

Personalization in detail

To help you better understand personalization, here are some pointers.

  • When you make changes to a card page that you open from a list, the changes will take effect on all records that you open from that list. For example, let's say you open a specific customer from the Customers list page, and then personalize the page by adding a field. When you open other customers from the list, the field that you added will also be shown.
  • Changes that you make will take effect on all your Role Centers. For example, if you make a change to the Customer list when the Role Center is set to Business Manager, you will also see the change in the Customer list when Role Center is set to Sales Order Processor.
  • Changes to a page in a pane will take effect on the page where ever it is shown.
  • You can only add fields and columns from a predefined list, which is based on the page. You cannot create new ones.

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