Finding Pages with the Role Explorer

You can get an overview of all the business features that are available for your role, and for other roles if you go a step further. In the following documentation, this feature overview is referred to as the role explorer.

Each element on the role explorer is an action that opens a page. Accordingly, you can also use the role explorer as a means to navigate in Business Central.

You can open the role explorer from the Role Center and all list pages and from the Tell Me window.

  • On your Role Center or any list page, choose the Menu button button to the right of the navigation bar, or press Shift+F12.
  • In the Tell Me window, choose the exploring action at the bottom.

To get an overview of business feature that are available for all other roles, in addition to your own, choose the Explore all action on the page that presents the role explorer.


Only Role Center actions for profiles where the Show in Role Explorer check box is selected will appear on the extended version of the role explorer (shown with the Explore all action). For more information, see Manage Profiles.

To expand/collapse nodes on the role explorer

The actions that open pages are organized under nodes named after the features or application areas. Each node can be collapsed or expanded individually and you can collapse/expand all nodes together.

  • To expand/collapse a node, choose the node. This applies to top-level nodes and sub nodes.
  • To expand/collapse all top-level nodes on the page, choose the Expand or Collapse action in the top-right corner.
  • To expand/collapse a top-level node and all sub nodes under it, press the Ctrl+Shift keys while you choose the Expand or Collapse action in the top-right corner.

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