Customize transactional emails by mode of delivery

This topic describes how to set up custom email templates for specific notification types and modes of delivery in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Transactional emails can now be customized for a combination of a notification type (for example, Order created, Order packed, or Order invoiced) and a mode of delivery (for example, overnight, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup). Custom transactional emails let retailers provide their customers order with fulfillment experiences that are tailored to the order's mode of delivery. For example, the "order packed" event can be customized so that it provides curbside pickup instructions for customers who choose curbside pickup. Alternatively, it can provide shipping carrier and delivery information for customers who choose to have their order shipped.


To use the functionality for customized transactional emails, you first must turn on the Customize transactional email templates by mode of delivery feature by going to Workspaces > Feature management in Commerce headquarters.

Emails can be customized by mode of delivery for the following notification types:

  • Order cancellation – This email notification type is new.
  • Order created
  • Order confirmed
  • Order invoiced – This email notification type is new. It can be used instead of the Order shipped notification type that will send a notification for any invoice event that has a shipped mode of delivery (not a pickup, carry out, or electronic mode of delivery).
  • Order picked
  • Order packed
  • Order ready for pickup – This notification type can be customized by mode of delivery only if the Support for multiple pickup delivery modes feature is turned on. In that case, this notification type is functionally equivalent to the Order packed notification type.
  • Payment failed
  • Replacement order created

Configure email templates for specific modes of delivery

For this procedure, the assumption is that you've already created your new, custom email templates and added them to the Organization email templates page. For information about how to create and upload email templates, see Create email templates for transactional events.

To configure email templates for specific modes of delivery in Commerce headquarters, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Commerce email notification profile.
  2. Under Retail event notification settings, select an existing notification type.
  3. While the notification type is still selected, select Configure modes of delivery.
  4. In the Modes of delivery dialog box, select New.
  5. In the new row, in the Mode of delivery field, select a mode of delivery.
  6. In the Email ID field, select the email template to map to the mode of delivery.
  7. Select the Active check box.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 to add more modes of delivery.
  9. When you've finished, select OK.


  • When more than one mode of delivery is present across lines in a sales order, the default template will be used. The default template is the template that is mapped to the notification type on the Commerce email notification profile page.
  • If a sales order has a mode of delivery that hasn't been configured for a custom email template, the default email template will be used.

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