Install the POS layout designer

You can use the one-click designer to design different Modern POS (MPOS) and Cloud POS layouts, in either Landscape mode or Portrait mode, for stores, registers, cashiers, and managers.

The graphical design interface for MPOS or Cloud POS is controlled by the till layout. A layout controls the position of various objects. Examples include the total layout, the item grid layout, the customer layout, the payment layout, and the layout of various menu buttons. Layouts also include the overall appearance of the sales interface that is presented to workers.

Install the one-click designer

  1. In Commerce, use the menu in the upper left to navigate to Retail and Commerce > Channel setup > POS setup > POS > Screen layouts.

  2. Select any layout that has an application type of Modern POS for Windows or Cloud POS, and then click Layout designer.

  3. On the notification bar that appears at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window, click Open to install the one-click designer. (The notification bar might appear in a different place in other browsers.)

  4. In the Application Run - Security Warning message box that appears, click Run to install the Retail designer host. A progress indicator shows the progress of the installation.

  5. After the installation is completed, on the Sign in page, enter your Commerce user name and password, and then click Sign in to start the designer.

  6. After your credentials are validated and the designer starts, you can design your own layout or modify the existing layout.

    Layout in the one-click designer.

Troubleshoot the installation of the Layout designer

  • When you click Designer, the prompt to download (or run) the installer doesn't appear, or your current security settings don't allow you to download the file.


    • In Internet Explorer, make sure that the pop-up blocker is disabled for this site. Click Settings > Options > Privacy > Find Pop-up Blocker, and change the setting, if a change is required.
    • In Internet Explorer, add the Commerce URL to your trusted sites. Click Settings > Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites > Add.
  • The program doesn't start, and you're instructed to contact the vendor.

    Solution: In Internet Explorer, add the Commerce URL to your trusted sites. Click Setting > Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites > Add.

Known issue: The designer doesn't work correctly in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. We are working to fix this issue.

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