What's new for instance management

You might have noticed some changes to the Dynamics 365 admin center. On March 21, 2018, we introduced the following:

March 2018 changes to admin center

  1. Instance type picker. Filter on the type of instance: Trial, Production, Sandbox.
  2. Common Data Service instance. PowerApps Environments provisioned with Common Data Service in the PowerApps admin center are now displayed in the Dynamics 365 admin center as Common Data Service instances.

Filter by instance type

If you're a large organization, you might have numerous instances of various types such as Production and Sandbox. You can now filter for instance type to show only the type you're interested in.

  1. Browse to the Microsoft 365 admin center and sign in using Office 365 Global administrator credentials.

  2. Click Admin centers > Dynamics 365.

  3. Choose the Instances tab.
  4. Select an instance type to display instances for that type only.

Common Data Service instance

Once you create Environments provisioned with Common Data Services in the PowerApps admin center, they will now show up as Common Data Service instances in your Dynamics 365 admin center.

Identify Common Data Service instance

For more information, see Manage Common Data Service instances.

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