System Settings dialog box - Goals tab

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x
Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x (on-premises)

Set the duration and frequency of the automatic rollup of goals. These settings only affect the automatic handling of all goals set in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. You can always perform a manual rollup for any goal at any time.

  1. Make sure that you have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. If you are using a Sales web application, go to Settings > Administration > System Settings, and then select the Goals tab.


    If you are using the Sales Hub App, select the Site map icon Site map icon, then select ellipsis Ellipsis to open more options , then select App Settings, and then select Goals Settings.

Settings Description
Set the roll-up expiration time and the roll-up frequency.
Days after the goal end date when the rollup will stop Default: 30 days. Set the number of days after the ending date of a goal for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement to stop including a goal in a rollup.
Roll-up recurrence frequency Default: 24 hours. Set the number of hours between each goal rollup.

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