Embed a Customer Insights view

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Follow these steps to embed a Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights view.


  1. Define views by using available profile types in Customer Insights.

  2. Embed view feature.

  3. Embed view - parameters.

  4. Troubleshoot.


  1. Define Customer Insights Views.

    • Open Customer Insights by using the following URL:
     Prod: https://<hubname>.apps.azurecustomerinsights.com
    • Use the + button to create a new view, selecting appropriate profile type, a new-views New-view.

    • Create a view, and add the widgets you want for the data visualization.
  2. Embed a View Feature.

    • Use the embed option given next to the profile view you’ve created to get the Customer Insights embedding URL. The View URL would be like:
     Example: Email>&filtervalue={Property value e.g.: abc@hotmail.com}

    • You can also get the complete Iframe markup snippet by using the Embed View option.
  3. Embed View - Set Parameters.

    URL Template - ?viewid={guid}&widgets={[guid,guid,guid….]}&filterkey=&filtervalue={Property value e.g.: abc@hotmail.com}

    1. appurl - This can be derived from the Customer Insights hub name. Using below template:

      • Prod: https://.apps.azurecustomerinsights.com
    2. viewid - System-generated GUID for every view.

    3. viewname - To be supported. Dev in progress - Display name of the view to be embedded.

    4. filterkey - Metadata property name to be used as the key for data filtering. For example: Email,FirstName,LastName

    5. filtervalue - Metadata property value to be used as the value for data filtering. For example: abc@hotmail.com,John,Smith

    6. widgets - Array of widget GUIDs to be used in case the view is to be embedded by using selected widgets.

  4. Troubleshoot.

    Customer Insights View loading empty:

    • Check to be sure that your browser allows pop-ups and the pop-up blocker is not enabled.

    • Check the filterkey and filtervalue getting passed as query parameters. It must match the data ingested in Customer Insights for the selected view.

    No Profiles found message:

    • Check the security roles in the Azure portal for the signed-in user. The signed-in user should have at least one profile associated to the user.