In this release

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

The current release of Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights has a few constraints.

Management interfaces

The current release supports management for Customer Insights through:

Data sources

In the Preview release, Customer Insights supports ingestion of data through the following supported mechanisms:

  • From CSV files on Azure Storage

  • From a Dynamics 365 (online) instance

  • Through Hub Data REST APIs

Additional data sources will be added later.


The current release includes the Customer Insights application, which provides rich, customizable visualization capabilities for your data and insights. Over a dozen different chart controls are included in this release. Additional controls will be added in future releases.

Constraints and known issues

The current release of Customer Insights has constraints on some behaviors:

  • PowerShell support is available for Preview.

  • Only the creation and update of profile instances is supported. They cannot be deleted.

  • Interactions are immutable, and cannot be updated or deleted by design.

  • Links cannot be updated.

  • Roles can be created or deleted, but they cannot be edited.

  • KPIs are supported only on a single profile or interaction instance. Also, only a single operation is supported for each KPI.

  • KPI processing begins from the time that a KPI is defined. It applies only to the current and future periods from the time the KPI is added. KPI values are not computed for past computation windows.